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BeBetter Chakra Tea Selection

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Not sure which chakra tea you need? 
Different emotions surface from day to day, indeed even from hour to hour.
With the BeBetter Chakra Tea Selection you can choose which of the 7 choices of tea best suits how you feel at any given time.

Contains the following 7 boxes of certified organic tea:
1 x I am - root chakra - ginger, cinnamon & cacao peel
1 x I feel - sacral chakra - rooibos, cacao peel & vanilla
1 x I do - solar plexus chakra- black tea, cinnamon & cardamom
1 x I love - heart chakra - chamomile, fennel & rose
1 x I speak - throat chakra - lemongrass, hibiscus & ginger
1 x I see - third eye chakra - peppermint, nettle & fennel
1 x I know - crown chakra - green tea, cardamom & star anise

Teabags are made from biodegradable PLA derived from Corn Starch and are certified non-GMO.  Made in Ireland by the experts in Solaris Tea.