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Thrive for Life

Empowering Affirmation Cards

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Remember Your Magnificence & Step Into Your Power

Contained in a decorative box, this empowering deck of 50 beautifully designed affirmation cards (with an additional instruction card) was lovingly created by Aisling Daly - Thrive for Life, to help you to remember the limitless being that you already are, to connect to your inner wisdom and to step into your divine feminine power.

What You Focus On Expands!

Affirmations are positive statements that challenge negative thoughts. They can help you to reprogramme your subconscious mind to let go of the negative beliefs that you may hold about yourself or your life circumstances. When used regularly, affirmations can greatly improve the way you think and feel.

How To Use This Deck

There are many ways to use these gorgeous affirmation cards. You could create a simple morning ritual with the deck to begin each day with a positive thought. Taking just a brief moment to mindfully pull a card and receive its message is a beautiful act of self love. You could also decorate your home or work space with some of your favourite cards, pop them on a vision board, use the cards as prompts for some reflective journaling or you could share the joy by gifting a loved one a card that contains a message that might support them.